The Book Serigraph
Signed by Michael Jackson & Brett Livingstone Strong
Limited Edition

The only remaining Limited Edition Serigraphs of “The Book” are available for genuine Michael Jackson fans, collectors or investors worldwide. Our Limited Edition Serigraphs of “The Book” are in pristine condition and have never been touched since they day they were originally placed in a climate controlled fine art storage facility.

This extremely and extraordinary rare work of art is signed by the artist, Brett-Livingstone Strong and Michael Jackson himself and is available only at The Book Serigraph, LLC . Each Serigraph is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and a detailed Provenance of the portrait you won't find anywhere else.

  • Extremely Limited & RARE Serigraphs
  • Signed by Michael Jackson & Brett-Livingstone Strong
  • Detailed Provenance
  • The PSA/DNA Autograph Authentication Team has issued a certificate of authenticity for the signatures on our serigraphs.Certificate of Authenticity
  • Serigraphs are shipped flat
  • Shipping costs are not included.
  • Limited number of lithograph prints signed by Brett-Livingstone Strong also available


Strong Buy!!!

  • 60% growth of Michael Jackson autographs between 2010-11
  • Growing middle class world wide with disposable income
  • Global appeal
  • Record prices constantly being set
  • Investment Comparisons
    Year over Year Value
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    Michael's Handwritten note to the Artist:
    To Brett, "I know the creator will go. But his work survives, that is why to escape death, I attempt to bind my soul to my work. " ~Michaelangelo Love, Michael Jackson 6/7/89

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